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Year: 1950
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 Rules Concerning Violence / Evasion

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PostSubject: Rules Concerning Violence / Evasion   Sun Apr 05, 2009 4:59 pm

While using a firearm as a weapon, the following format must be used for your attack to be valid.

- Firstly, you must indicate drawing your weapon, stating the name of the firearm (pistol, snubnose etc.), and the location it was on while it was on your body.
- Secondly, you must state aiming to your target. If your target is another role player, a name must be stated. If there are typos in the stating of the name, you must correct yourself to prevent confusion. You must also state the exact area of the body you are aiming at.
- Thirdly, You must state firing your weapon.
- Finally, you must state the impact of a vital organ or bone that you intended on striking. If you fail to state the vital organ or artery being stricken, the attack is still valid, but is not considered a death. Instead, your opponent is severely injured.

Here are some examples:

(Example 1)
- Pulls out my loaded revolver from my vest. -
- Aims it towards Joe's chest. -
- Fires the snub off. -
- The bullet imbeds the heart. -

This is a valid death, because every aspect of the firearm usage format has been stated. It is now up to your opponent to remain honourable, and add except the death.

(Example 2)
- Pulls out my loaded pistol from my inner suit pocket. -
- Aims it towards Joe's left leg. -
- Fires the pistol off. -
- The bullet impales the left leg's bone. -

This is a valid injury, because just as the first example, every aspect of the firearm usage format has been covered. Your opponent would now have to except his character's injury on his left leg.

As you can probably tell from the examples given, the sentences chosen to represent the actions being role played were very descriptive and detailed. If you also remain descriptive, detailed and realistic while role playing, you will have no troubles what-so-ever.
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Rules Concerning Violence / Evasion
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