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Year: 1950
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 Men Of Honour RPG Rules.

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Unknown Character (Craig)

Unknown Character (Craig)

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PostSubject: Men Of Honour RPG Rules.   Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:27 am

Basic Rules - Shooting and Aiming.
A few rules on the actions involving the usage of a gun.
Must use five steps, with regards to the three word minimum, you must draw, load, aim,
fire, and impale for the kill to be accepted. 'Screenies to help'

John - Pulling out my revoler here-
John - Aiming it to Joseph's head-
John - Fires it off here-
John - Rips the skin-
John -Rips the flesh-
John -Rips the bone-
John- Rips the Skull-
John- Rips the brain-
John- He drops down dead-

You must use 7 lines minmum to kill.
Melee, the same without aiming.

Kills and Injuries - A few tips on the health system.
- After one day of non-Rpable injury, your second day is recovering you can kill or be
killed -

- After being killed, you cannot RP, and you can also be kicked -

Injury: One day
Death: Three days

Out of character - Kicking is forbidden, if caught kicking, you will receive one strike. Three strikes = Ban.
- ''God-modding '' (Moving furni around) is also forbidden, if caught you will receive one
strike. Three strikes = Ban.

Advanced Rules - For a room to be classed offical under this role-play, you must therefore produce a
side walk infront of your business

In Character Phone Conversations -

In order to have a full conversation on a phone, you must use a IC telephone box
(Red teleporter) an then whispering if you wish for the conversation to be private
you must state -Whispering down the phone- an then speaking to your contact via

Bridges and Streets - In this RPG city's are not acceptable, if you wish to link up with places ect.
Do it via streets and bridges. Bridges support boarder crossings so if you wish to
link i.e New York to Brooklyn link via the current bridge

New clothing rule - Only black & brown loafers are acceptable. Shades and trainers are only acceptable
if stated on motto. Wearing: Jogging gear or Wearing: Aviators.

Thankyou for reading through the rules folks, Please enjoy your time within the RPG Very Happy
There might be news rules added later on.
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Men Of Honour RPG Rules.
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