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Year: 1950
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 Welcome to the Men Of Honour Role-Playing Game.

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Men Of Honour Role-Playing Game.   Sun Apr 05, 2009 5:01 pm

Men of Honour RPG is a new form of the old-style Mafia RPG. Role players who choose to role play in Men of Honour RPG are agreeing to an atmosphere in the early days of the Mafia Commssion, the leading form of organized crime in today's society. This RPG is set in the year 1950, in the criminal hub known as New York City. Although many versions of Mafia RPG have been altered to fit the setting of today's society itself, in 2009, and in fictional countries/cities, we thought that role playing as we have done for the past 3 years seemed more suitable, and simply more enjoyable than dealing with constant changes regarding the role play. So, Men of Honour RPG will be introducing the "old way" of role playing to all role players once again, to provide a better, more respectful role playing environment. We ask each and every role player to keep in mind that a good role player does not consist of a very fast typer, and an arrogant attitude, but one who portrays their character to the most realistic extent. Enjoy!

Written by Phil
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Welcome to the Men Of Honour Role-Playing Game.
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